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In the globalization era marked by the free markets, business development more rapidly and lead to enhancement of business competitiveness. To be able to compete in this globalization era, a company can make various of strategies to increase productivity, utilize resources optimally, improve product/services quality, enhance the ability to respond the various needs of consumers and also should be supported by the appropriate decision making strategy.

HLB Indonesia’s professionals understand the challenges and issues faced. We can develop strategies that help to stay one step ahead of the competition.


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How to Make Collaborative Culture on your Business

Technologies and New Products & Services Development are Top Focus Areas for Innovation Every leaders feel compelled to maintain their innovation streak. Although maintaining and...

Omnibus Law Taxation Cluster

Omnibus Law means a method or concept of making regulations that combines several rules with different regulatory substances, into one rule under one legal umbrella....

Limited Equity Mutual Funds (RDPT)

Based on POJK No. 34/POJK.04/2019, Mutual Funds in the Form of Limited Equity Collective Investment Contracts, hereinafter referred to as Limited Equity Mutual Funds (RDPT),...

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