Globalization has create an indistinct of the boundaries between countries, so that the world becomes open and transparent. Globalization occurs due to improvement in science and technology, especially information technology which rapid increasingly that requires a fundamental changes in many areas of life.

As auditor and business advisors to the most of the major technology companies, HLB Indonesia’s professionals have an insider’s view of the key issues and developments driving these industries. These include compliance with tax regulation, foreign direct investment laws and dispute analysis.

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How to Make Collaborative Culture on your Business

Technologies and New Products & Services Development are Top Focus Areas for Innovation Every leaders feel compelled to maintain their innovation streak. Although maintaining and...

Omnibus Law Taxation Cluster

Omnibus Law means a method or concept of making regulations that combines several rules with different regulatory substances, into one rule under one legal umbrella....

Limited Equity Mutual Funds (RDPT)

Based on POJK No. 34/POJK.04/2019, Mutual Funds in the Form of Limited Equity Collective Investment Contracts, hereinafter referred to as Limited Equity Mutual Funds (RDPT),...

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