Limited Equity Mutual Funds (RDPT)


Based on POJK No. 34/POJK.04/2019, Mutual Funds in the Form of Limited Equity Collective Investment Contracts, hereinafter referred to as Limited Equity Mutual Funds (RDPT), are financial vehicles used to raise funds from professional investors which are then invested by the Investment Manager in a securities portfolio based on real sector activities.

RDPT has an important and strategic role in financing the real sector and infrastructure through the capital market. In practice, the investors enter collectively into contracts with investment managers and bank custodians in collecting securities portfolios.

The real sector represents a sector that is often used as a benchmark for economic growth and has direct contact with the country's economy. Several real sector activities such as toll road construction projects and other infrastructure development projects as collateral assets or underlying assets.

The following terms are often used in RDPT transactions:

Journal Vol. 8 December 2020

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