How to Make Collaborative Culture on your Business

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Technologies and New Products & Services Development are Top Focus Areas for Innovation
Every leaders feel compelled to maintain their innovation streak. Although maintaining and improving operational effectiveness remains top action of what they taking, they’re pursuing and always seeking out the growth development through technologies and new products.

Omnibus Law Taxation Cluster

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Omnibus Law means a method or concept of making regulations that combines several rules with different regulatory substances, into one rule under one legal umbrella. The Omnibus Law simultaneously changed several areas in the Law (UU) in the areas of General Provisions and Tax Administration (KUP), Income Tax (PPh) and Value Added Tax (VAT).

Limited Equity Mutual Funds (RDPT)

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Based on POJK No. 34/POJK.04/2019, Mutual Funds in the Form of Limited Equity Collective Investment Contracts, hereinafter referred to as Limited Equity Mutual Funds (RDPT), are financial vehicles used to raise funds from professional investors which are then invested by the Investment Manager in a securities portfolio based on real sector activities

Amendments to Minister of Finance Regulation No. 86/PMK.03/2020

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In PMK-110, taxpayers who are engaged in certain business fields will receive facilities of Ease Import for Export Purposes (KITE), and companies in bonded areas are entitled to an additional deduction from the installment of income tax article 25 from the previous 30% to a reduction of 50% of the total installments payable. This installment relief is due to the low economic conditions, especially in the production level and sales.

Value Added Tax and Income Tax Facilities Related to COVID-19

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For this edition, we would like to update you on Minister of Finance Regulation No. 28 which is about granting tax facilities to goods and services necessary in order to handle the pandemic corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19). This regulation was effective on April 6, 2020.