Submission Of The Company’s Annual Financial Statements

No. 25 Year 2020 “Submission Of The Company's Annual Financial Statements”

October 16, 2020


Welcome to the third issue of Inspired!

In order to optimize the use of the company’s financial information and make it easier for businessmen to fulfill their obligations by submitting the annual financial statements, the Ministry of Trade had reinstated this regulation in accordance with PERMENDAG No. 25 of Year 2020. As for the sanctions imposed on companies that do not comply with this regulation, business licenses may be revoked. This journal aims to provide information according to business needs, we hope to hear input you on each issue.

For this edition, we discuss new regulation from the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia No.25 of Year 2020 which require businessmen to report the audited financial statements. This regulation became effective on March 19, 2020.

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Journal Permendag No. 25 Vol 3

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