Mergers and acquisitions


HLB Indonesia assists the entity to take over another and clearly established itself as the new owner, referred to as acquisition. We also help the entity to merge with other entity where in two firms, often of about the same size, agree to merge and move ahead as a single new entity rather than remain separately owned and operated.

Corporate finance


The main objective of corporate finance is to find ways to maximize the value of the entity to make sound decisions in relation to investing, financing and dividend. Three important questions that must be answered by the entity is the long-term investment to be taken, from which sources the long-term financing of these investments and how the entity handle and carry out the daily activities.

Capital and Debt restructuring


As part of the entity running the business, financial problems cannot be separated especially with the increasing competition in the business world.

Debt/Equity restructuring is one of the alternatives that can be performed to exit a problematic financial performance with expectation that the entity can improve its operations.



A merger or acquisition is a significant event for any business. Both sides of the transaction feel the pressure to ensure they have the most accurate information prior to completing the deal. At the same time, both sides are usually motivated to complete the deal in a timely manner. The goals may seem simple, but every transaction is unique and different buyers and sellers present different challenges to a fair sale.

M&A’s are a common strategy for fast growth or diversification. These are, however, not without their challenges. Due to poor strategic fit, lack of an integration plan or failure to identify potential problems with the quality of earnings, transactions sometimes fail to be successful. Having an expert team support the transaction process, significantly increases your chances for success. Our HLB Transaction Advisory Services professionals can support you through every step.