Sugiharto, SE, MSA, Ak,CA,CPA


About Sugiharto, SE, MSA, Ak,CA,CPA

Sugiharto is a Partner of HLB Hadori Sugiarto Adi & Rekan. He has more than 20 years of experiences in auditing and consulting practices. Sugiharto is a Certified Public Accountant in Indonesia.

Sugiharto serves audit and review engagements of public and government-owned companies with various industries engaged forwarding, agribusiness, agroindustries, construction, manufacturing and service.

As part of the consulting services, Sugiharto has specialization on business restructuring and valuation of entities contemplating to perform reorganization, accounting services and accounting system procedure and development.

Sugiharto facilitates in-house trainings to clients with topics related to financing, accounting standards and regulations. He was a lecturer at Politeknik Negeri Madiun in 2006-present.

Business Restructuring and Valuation
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